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The Value of Search Engine Marketing

Search engine positioning is a cost-effective and powerful marketing tool. Money spent on a search engine optimisation company to marketing your company products and services is very targeted. Prospects who find your site through search engines are actively looking for information on your products and services. They'll be receptive to your marketing message when they land on your site.

Search engine marketing vs traditional offline marketing. Most often, traditional offline marketing such as TV and radio ads cater to the masses. Out of the tens of thousands of TV viewers or radio listeners, there may only be a handful of prospects who are interested in your services or products. Sometimes, having spent thousands of dollars on these advertising channels doesn't produce effective targeting at all! It all comes down to ROI and target marketing.

Search engine marketing produces high conversion rates. Search engine traffic outperformed online ads and direct mail in a MarketingSherpa case study by producing higher conversion rates, lower cost-per-click, and substantially lower cost-per-acquisition. Server log studies have also shown that search engine campaigns produce more purchases, catalog requests, newsletter subscriptions, and software downloads compared to banner ad and email marketing campaigns.

ANA study (Association of National Advertisers) reports that 79% of major U.S. companies advertised online last year and 75% used SEO. Corporate America is recognizing the value of search engine marketing and finding it attractive. The Australian online marketing is currently untapped.

Should You Hire In-House Search Engine Optimization?

Although many firms perform SEO in-house, research shows this may not be the best option. Over 90% of U.S. corporate sites are improperly optimized despite employing in-house search engine optimisers (referenced from Most marketers spend less than 1 percent of their budget on SEO, even though optimisation can increase site traffic 75 percent or more (CyberAtlas).

Costs of hiring professional search engine optimisation company. Most search engine campaigns of ours fall within the range of 2000 AUD -10000 AUD per month. It all depends on the number of goals we set to achieve with our clients. More goals will mean longer campaign time and more resources deployed.

Typically, we deploy 2 search engine experts for each client and for more intensive campaigns/jobs, we allocate 3 search engine experts. This creates a team work environment between clients and our search engine optimization team.


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Search engine optimisation page

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