Need an IT Specialist for Your Office Setup?

Set up your business with DW Design computer network consultants and create a paperless workplace. Our professional network consultants have proven success with many Australian businesses.

DW Design also provides responsive computer support for Perth businesses so that your business can operate with no worries!

The Need for ... a Jab of I.T. in Your Business

Most Australian businesses hang onto their old work systems because they don' t want to spend money on advanced I.T solutions to their businesses. So they would rather wait while their ancient computers load up their work documents. They would rather stick to their old technology than save their own precious time.

- Wouldn't you prefer to wait only half a second for your document to load instead of eight seconds?

Why waste unnecessary time in your workplace? If you are still experiencing difficulties or slow loading times in your existing system, contact DW Design I.T specialists to see how your business can benefit from a jab of I.T in your work.

* Free computer consultancy and training for new clients.

Getting Wired with Wireless

Turn your wired office into a wireless workspace that is not only employee friendly but also visitor friendly. Conference where you want and how you want - your files and resources are still within range of your wireless network!

Benefits of Having a Wireless Office Network:

  • Meet with your clients and staff in a conference room to work on a project without having to move your files and resources in your network.
  • Anticipate frequent moves without having to invest in new cabling every time you move.
  • Reduce cabling and office setup costs with wireless technology.
  • Upgrade existing network and computers to save processing time and money

These are just some of the benefits that a wireless office network can provide. Speak to our network consultant to see how your office can benefit from wireless technology.


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