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What is a database?

A database is an organized collection of information. Some daily examples of how a database works are:

  • An airline reservation system
  • A filing cabinet with lots of files
  • File storage in your computer hard drive

A database system may be as complicated as vehicle licensing center tracking system used to manage new vehicles registrations and updates every minute, or it can be as simple as a collection of electronic business cards on your personal laptop.

Primary uses of database

Web databases allow clients or users to search and retrieve information on your website. An e-commerce or member-based website requires a database to serve as its backend. Data is stored and retrieved from a database. Depending on what the purpose of the website, a database can provide many functionalities and automation of most tasks in a brick-and-mortar business.

  • Members based websites
  • Storage and updating of product information
  • Search and retrieval of data
  • Easy update of product information/database
  • Create complex functionalities in a website
  • Facilitate online ordering and shopping carts

If your business or website requires any of the functions mentioned above, you need a database for your website. When in doubt, contact us to find out more on how a database can help you, or if you actually need a database for your web site. Having a web database automates processes and makes day-to-day transactions a breeze.


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definite web designs database page

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