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Our Enterprise Web Hosting Plan is power packed with huge server space and bandwidth. If you are looking to expand your website in the near future, this is the ultimate package for you! It has all the features you need for your web site. We have no competitors when it comes to web hosting prices and features in Australia and we provide more features! Our servers are supported 24/7

What do we provide for every web hosting package in a nutshell

  • More server space
  • More plan flexibility
  • More support
  • More web hosting features
  • Lower price

We have done our research and we will help you with your web hosting price comparison by pulling in the biggest plan of an established web hosting company in Australia. Compare the basics of both web hosting plans and you will see that our plan beats all other Australian web hosting hands down!


Enterprise web hosting plan Enterprise Web Hosting Plan

1000Mb Web Space
10Gb Bandwidth Monthly
100 Free Sub-Domains
500 POP3 Email Accounts
AU$55 per month

Brand X web hosting plan Brand X Web Hosting Plan

150 Mb Web Space
5Gb Bandwidth Monthly
5 Free Sub-Domain
10 POP3 Email Accounts
AU$55 per month


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* Our web hosting plans have all the web hosting features for your web site. No contract fees or setup fees for all plans. Bookmark this web hosting page for future reference.


Enterprise web hosting page

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Enterprise Web Hosting Plan The plan is generally suited to most web sites. However, if you are have less intensive use of space and bandwidth, see our Economy Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting plans for less space and bandwidth..