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Spyware and Protection For Your Computer

What is spyware - Spyware is an analysis and tracking program that is installed in your computer and it reports your computer activities to the companies involved. These information can be used for many things including the ability to determine your email address and other personal information.

Most spyware and adware programs are independent files in the computers. They include auto install and auto update capabilities and can report on any attempts to remove or modify them.

Getting Junk Emails? - There are hundreds of millions of emails sent to email addresses every day and the truth is- we cannot do much about these junk mails. The least we can do is not to provide our personal information to dodgy web sites. It will help a lot if you install protective softwares in your computer to protect against spywares from stealing your information. Even so, organisations are still able to get around the new spam defenses set up by hotmail or yahoo staff in as little as 5 mins. One effective way that will see your email account spam free is to set up a new email account every few months or years.

Rid of spyware - Get a few softwares installed in your computer that will monitor unsolicited activities- A firewall software and an anti-trackware software will do the job of protecting your computer for you. Zonealarm and Ad-aware companies are reputable and established organisations in their fields and you can be assured of their reliability as millions of people around the world are using them. They offer free copies and if you are willing to take an extra step in protecting your computer, pay for the advanced versions of their softwares.

Tips to a healthy computer- Do a weekly virus scans, spyware scans and have your software updates on a regular basis! Be cautious when you chance on sites that require installations on your computers upon site entry. Try to keep the submission of your email address to other web sites at a minimum, if possible.

Read more about Spyware and how to get rid of them here.


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